Moxie Summer/Fall 2015


You’re never too old to discover something new!

A few years ago, our cover girl, 52 year-old DeAnne Ienna, discovered that she was skilled at mounted archery.

I’d never heard of such a sport until just a few months ago, and I discovered that it dates back nearly 2500 years. Today, it is a sport that is growing in popularity and most of the participants (nearly 80%) are women. Who knew?! Meet DeAnne on page 10 and you might discover a new sport for yourself.

It was happenstance that led Mardi Arce into her career as a Park Ranger. But, she soon discovered it was her passion and it led her to a happy life taking care of some of our nation’s most beautiful parks. Most recently, she landed in San Antonio and has been instrumental in guiding four of the magnificent missions to World Heritage Site status. Her story, by Kristy Hurst, starts on page 24.

Kristy also had the opportunity to share Kass Carrell’s story (page 34). This fun and quirky fashion designer creates no-nonsense, flattering clothing from natural fabrics and dyes. Her minimalist approach to fashion transcends into all areas of her life. It’s simple and meaningful.

There’s a lot to discover in this issue of Moxie! Sit back, turn the page and have fun with us!

Be open. Be inspired. Be MOXIE!